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Gilbert Upholstery Cleaning Experts

If you have upholstery that needs cleaning, then you can trust the specialists at Gilbert Carpet Cleaning Experts!  We will efficiently clean all of your favorite upholstered furniture pieces that need it, bringing out original colors that have been long faded and renewing freshness. We can remove stains, allergens and odors while still protecting the fabric of your furniture, no matter what it is.

We do more than just bring out the beauty and color of your upholstered furniture. We also increase your furniture’s lifespan because cleaner furniture just lasts longer! You don’t have to replace old pieces that have started to smell. You might just need a good, professional cleaning. Give us the chance to work our magic on your upholstered pieces.

Before we begin our thorough cleaning, we will be sure to test a small sample of whatever we deem appropriate to use on a small area of your upholstery. We do this because we do not take risks at Gilbert Carpet Cleaning Experts. We want to make sure that your furniture’s material stays perfectly safe. We work very cautiously and know that different fabrics react differently to different chemicals. We know what we can and can’t use on things like leather, polyester and vinyl. Regardless, we are always careful because we respect you and your property. Let our experienced staff members give your upholstery a great cleaning.

Gilbert Carpet Cleaning Experts offers great service at great prices. You can contact us today for a free estimate for your convenience, but we can assure you that our standard cleaning rates are unbeatable and even our deep cleaning treatments are priced to “wow” you!

We give our premium hard labor and proficiency to make sure that you are happy with our work. We want to keep you coming back and we want you to recommend us to friends and family. We will make sure that you are happy with how your upholstery looks!

We can clean everything, whether it is leather furniture, a polyester dining chair, or a vinyl sofa. We will get rid of stains, odors, mold, dust and anything else that has made its way into your furniture. We can do anything! Find out for yourself when you schedule an appointment with us.

Sure, you can pick up a rented carpet cleaner from the local store and do a cleaning of your home or apartment on your own. However, did you know that these carpet cleaners that you can rent are sometimes dangerous to use? This is because they can actually damage your carpeting and upholstery. The reason is because they are not always maintained as they are supposed to be. Let our professionals use our very own carpet shampooers and steam cleaners, which we know for sure are in the best possible shape. When you do want to do a basic cleaning, make sure to vacuum your upholstered furniture. This will get rid of surface dirt, dust and hair before it can sink into cushioning and padding. When you are ready for a professional cleaning, though, Gilbert Carpet Cleaning Experts will be there for you!

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